WeCan is a network of Christ-centered residential rehab ministries for men and women who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction.  As iron sharpens iron, the ministries in the WeCan network work together to help those called by God to start other Christ-centered rehab ministries by sharing what we’ve learned along the way.

What We Do

WeCan helps start new Christ-centered residential rehab ministries.  WeCan also helps with fundraising so that these ministries can focus on ministering to addicts.  The ministries in the WeCan network have similar programs.  These programs typically involve 6 months in Phase I with Bible classes 3 days a week, community service 2 days a week, and weekend activities in various local churches.  In Phase II of the programs, the residents get a job, continue Bible classes, join a church, and transition back into society.  These programs are successful in transforming the lives of addicts through the power of Jesus Christ, the truth of His word, and the help of His church.

Our Story

One retirement aged minister, with a painful past as a son of an alcoholic and father of a son who died from an overdose, was energized by finding and fulfilling his God-given purpose: helping those struggling with addiction. Dr. Larry Pillow’s dream is to see every parent have sober children and every child have sober parents. He is called by God to be a missionary to addicts.

After founding a successful rehab for men, The Renewal Ranch of Conway, Ark., and helping start several other successful Christ-centered drug rehab facilities in Arkansas and Ohio, Dr. Pillow soon realized, by the number of calls for help he received, that those called by God to start Christ-centered rehabs can benefit from those that have already done it.  And so WeCan was birthed.  WeCan is a growing network of Christ-centered transformation ministries for men and women struggling with addiction that are willing to help other similar ministries get started. 

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