Financing a Christ-Centered Transformation Ministry

WeCan has two models for facilities, a Mission Model and a Work Model.  The message is the same for both models – a relationship with Jesus Christ is the answer to addiction problems.  The methods differ in raising funds and of course local culture dictates some variety in methods.

Each facility charges an intake fee from $200-$500.  Scholarships are available.  There is no other charge for residents except for any medical expenses the resident may incur.  The average cost per resident varies from $400 to $1,500 a month.  A good rule of thumb is to plan for $1,000 a month and adjust as needed.

Funding the Mission Model:  Most funds are raised primarily through churches, individuals or business donors and fundraisers.  WeCan has never had a facility fail for lack of funds.  Where God guides, God provides.

Funding the Work Model:  As the name implies, most of the funding is provided through work projects performed by the residents.  Some funding also comes from churches and donors.

WeCan provides guidance for raising funds and other needs as the ministry develops.  Over the course of 50 years of ministry in Conway, Ark., Dr. Pillow raised funds for a Christian school, a homeless shelter, a boys and girls club and other ministries.  He says, “Recovery ministry is by far the easiest to raise money for.  Everybody knows and loves an addict and many are willing to support a ministry that is seeing lives transformed.”

For more details about raising funds, contact Dr. Larry Pillow at or 501-472-3114, or contact Terry Webb at or 501-593-0752, or contact Jay Cupit at 501-250-5297.