Starting a Facility

How to Start a Transformation Facility

WeCan will assist you with the process.

The start up ministry will be organized as a 501c3 with bylaws and policies which include strict guidelines for daily operations. 

Step One:  Identify and enlist a long-time local leader with integrity, credibility and leadership skills, who is called by God to help organize a start-up team.  This step is critical.

Step Two:  Select a diverse group of 5 to 15 local people and form a start-up team. Selection normally takes 1-2 months.  Some of the duties for start-up team:

  • Elect officers.
  • Meet bi-weekly to pray, clarify vision and develop unity.
  • Choose name and logo for the ministry and promote it.
  • “Branding” is critical as soon as possible
  • Apply for non-profit status with the state.
  • Find a facility such as abandoned school or church.
  • Possibly call a part-time person to do the “field work.”
  • Plan and promote a vision casting rally.
  • Apply to IRS for 501c3 to receive tax deductible donations.

This process normally takes 3-6 months.

Step Three:  The Start-up Team will phase out and a Ministry Leadership Team or Board will be established to help provide oversight and promotion of the ministry.

Step Four:  Once a facility is obtained and a Director is called, you will launch a very fruitful and fulfilling ministry.

WeCan facility leaders and staff will help through the entire process. 

For more specific details, contact Dr. Larry Pillow at or call or text at 501-472-3114 or contact Jay Cupit at 501-250-5297.